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We also check for multiple memberships inside all our panels.

OMI always validates the data provided by the panelists.

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Every panelist has access to his/her profile questionnaire on his/her personal website page; in addition we request our panelists to update their profiles every 6 months.

We also regularly clean the panel, removing inactive members and recruiting fresh ones.

Using the expertise of world's leading companies, we have developed our own quality standards for recruiting panelists, verifying their personal data, checking data consistency, stimulating respondents and maintaining the panels in perfect shape. We recruit from a wide variety of local web portals with general targeting: e-mail providers, search engines, weather, dating, and customer loyalty projects.

OMI also recruits some groups of panelists offline.

This helps to guarantee one registration per person as well as accurate information about each member’s postal address and zip code (which will later be used for accurate geographical targeting).

In addition to the methods mentioned above, we perform selective verification of members’ information by phone.

We do not pass, rent or sell personal data to a third party. All of the data that we collect in our surveys report as aggregate information (not individual). All individual information provided is held strictly confidential.

OMI panelists do not receive any commercial emails or other spam.

Money earned by respondents can be channeled to charity by selecting one of the charities working with us.

For B2B panels we also use a point system, but points can be redeemed for training, subscription to the professional journals, and conference participation.

OMI panel is used solely for online market research like quantitative and qualitative surveys and product tests.


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