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She's blaming herself for not looking more closely at the complaints posted with BBB and other review sites before signing up.

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I'm writing to let everyone know to not be fooled by what you think you are going to receive because you are not. Not enough men to choose from, not enough quality men to choose from, not enough quality events to choose from and attend, and way too expensive for nothing. A fellow female member I met at a planned dinner event expressed her disappointment to me about not finding quality men and paying way too much money for nothing. Do not join or sign up for this site or any of its branches - Chicagoland Singles, Michigan Ave. I'm sure there are a few success stories they can proudly claim as their own, but what is terrifying are the amount of stories that are not being heard or told.

The fellow member I mentioned previously says she just figures it's "money lost" and that's it.

The customer's rights to cancel described in this Section are in addition to any other contract rights or remedies provided by law.residence to a location that is more than 20 miles farther than the original distance from the customer's residence to the original enterprise, and upon the failure of the original enterprise to designate an enterprise, with comparable facilities and services within 25 miles of the customer's new residence that agrees to accept the original enterprise's obligations under the contract, the customer may cancel the contract and shall be liable for only that portion of the charges allocable to the time before reasonable evidence of the relocation is presented to the enterprise, plus a reasonable fee if so provided in the contract, but the fee shall not exceed 10% of the unused balance, or , whichever is less.contract, the customer's estate shall be liable for only that portion of the charges allocable to the time before the customer's death.

The enterprise shall have the right to require and verify reasonable evidence of the death.(b) Every contract for dating referral services shall provide that notice of cancellation under subsection (a) of this Section shall be made in writing and delivered by certified or registered mail to the enterprise at the address specified in the contract.

Secondly, the events are not worth time - poorly planned and executed and very few. This dating site can also be called Michigan Ave Singles, or Great Expectations. So, they can't say I didn't try to make this expensive dating site work. it's current), uploading videos, (get to hear and see before you meet), and an in-person interview.

So different from all the other fake dating sites out there, I just knew they were going to be better. Looking for love can be tricky business that can take people for granted; individuals leading with their emotions and hoping for some sort of redemption.

Any customer injured by a violation of this Act may bring an action for the recovery of damages.


  1. Voor hogeropgeleiden kan dit helemaal een uitgangspunt zijn, aangezien hoger opgeleiden vaker moeite hebben om iemand te vinden die aan weet te sluiten op de belevingswereld van de persoon zelf.

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