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However, author James Dubro said the hit could be the work of younger mobsters going after the older generation.

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Police picked up two men who were seen in a black Impala, but were let go after it was determined they were not involved in the crime.

Experts say Cuntrera was known for being an "old school" gangster, who was low-key and stayed out of the spotlight.

It is believed Cuntrera took over the crime family after Rizzuto started his 10-year prison sentence.

Andre Cedilot, an organized crime expert, told CTV Montreal the murders may be the work of a rival Calabrian faction in Toronto that is seeking to wrest control of the Montreal mafia.

The second man murdered has been described as Cuntrera's 48-year-old bodyguard.

Cuntrera owned the John & Dino's food distribution warehouse on Magloire St.

And he says, "You better do it." So I do, and, oh my God, there's blood. "Now I know you were a virgin." I should have run so fast. And when you are in these shoes, it's a very scary situation with a guy who has friends who could kill you.

And I mean fast, because then he started smacking me around in front of his friends and family—backhanding me in the face, pulling my hair—and the girls would say, "Don't worry. I'll never forget the time I opened Tony's glove compartment and saw a gun.

I was determined to leave Brooklyn, have legitimate friends and become a writer. Forget the furs and diamonds; I'd rather lead my own life.


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