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See, there was a choice, and they chose to remove the chip. And then there is Chao-Ahn, who in Cantonese, says she doesn’t understand a word they are saying. Giles stands at the door and tells her that this is very dangerous. Buffy says she made the call based on instinct, just like Giles was talking about. He knew the Bringer was there because his shoes squeaked. You think the forces of evil would’ve found some noise free footwear by now. And based on the number of Bringers the First has and how quickly Buffy’s dispatching them, the First is buying their robes and shoes in bulk, as cheaply as possible. Buffy claims nothing has changed because Spike had the chip when the First made him kill and sire people.

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Data were compared between the 12 cities from which the largest responses were received: London, Paris, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne, Tokyo and Beijing.

Some results were produced from a global analysis of the data.

Title: Dating in London | Speed dating and dating events in London | Time Out London Description: Looking for a dating night in London? Check out our guide to London's most romantic bars and restaurants, plus all you need to know about the latest dating nights, including speed dating in London and more.

* Time Out editions in 24 cities participated in our global dating survey, and we received responses from many more locations around the world.

She isn’t 16 anymore, and he can’t just lecture her on the evils of dating while Slayer. But then the camera pans around, AND THEY HAVE A GIANT SPRAY OF PURPLE FLOWERS ACROSS ONE BUTT CHEEK.

He’s worried for her and he’s worried for the Potential and he doesn’t have the same faith in Spike. Xander is at a home improvement store watching a tool demo. Lor: Giles gets back from a mall trip with Chao-Ahn, complaining about how gross malls are.

Maybe a new and improved chip would’ve made him useless to the First. Giles wants more for Buffy than a future full of feelings and clouded judgement. () Xander offers to help Ashanti (“Lissa”) with the rope she’s shopping for. Sweeney: READING FIFTY SHADES MADE THAT SCENE INFINITELY BETTER. She asks herself, “) She leaves, he closes the door behind her and then pulls out a bloodied knife.

Buffy thinks Spike’s new and improved soul is what’s going to keep him from hurting people. Buffy says she isn’t losing sight of the big picture. You know who also walked into a home improvement store for a bit of rope, but was really there to meet a person? Mostly because I knew you had to recap it and I got to picture you exasperated as you blogged about sexual hardware store purchases for the second time. He opens the cabinet Buffy was going to inspect, revealing a white board.

Lorraine: We jump back in time to that moment in London where Giles is about to get his head chopped off by a Rage Ninja.

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