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Perhaps you’ve survived the death of a cherished spouse, or maybe a divorce that tested your sense of self and your ability to trust.

Everyone’s experience of love is different and whether you are new to dating, exploring your first love, currently in a relationship, or you have been in an unsuccessful marriage, you will find something to assist you in these pages.

Learn how you and your partner can grow old together with a relationship that is happy and healthy.

We provide answers to your questions to help you to find love and build the relationship of your dreams.

We recommend the relationship guidance category with posts such as Relationships and Finding the Perfect Partner so you can delve a little deeper into building and maintaining lasting love.

But a first date is not the time to give an emotional account of your husband’s illness and death, or your wife’s decision to leave you and join an ashram in India.

Early on, focus on enjoying each other’s company here and now. All right, so your children are adults now and have had homes of their own for years.

Here’s the hot senior single dating tip: Don’t do it!

Yes, dating is about two people getting acquainted.

It is about starting over entirely and finding new things to love about another unique person.


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