Dating volga ru

The settlement, where the treasure was found, was the north-western settlement of the Volgian Bulgaria and local money circulation had, probably, a lack of the coins of central coining.Let us have a look at the picture of weight distribution of coins (pic.There are no publications on the precise analysis of the semantics and use of the term stamp in the context of legends of earlier coins of the Mongol Empire.

Heads: dotty triangle inscribed into a dotty circle, in its center – 2-pronged tamga with the crossbar at the right, each down corner has three dots.

Tails: cartouche is not seen, legend in three lines (revealed by Singatullina and Lebedev and co): = Kutlung bolsun = Good luck pool (..?

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There is no answer on that now, but the authors prefer to think of the time difference in coining.

38-39 there are stamp layouts of five revealed variants, copied from the work (Burkovsky, Kireev, 2009, pp.14-25 pic.1-3,5); and there are these variants in order they are described by the authors.That means that in they followed the metrology of the capital of Ulus while coining their own units.37.9b) even though she had 39 units of those pools of the Bulgar settlement (Janin, 1954 №14).The basic maximum of Mengu Timur coins of Bulgar mintage is in the interval between 1.50-1.55 gr.The greatest step forward in the attribution of this pool was made 3 years ago in the work of S.Chewing gum politely is a good tip for life generally, but a better solution if you're bored than pretending you're not is to get the heck out of that date already.

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