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This "relationship" looks more like a rebound/middle aged crises thing for Ms. I post here because I have personally known the two cousins and Carrino's parents (Alfonso and Francine) even way before they got that TV show.

That's a very common phenomena among working-class families in cities in the Northeast, OP. Hell, my working-class family in the middle of flyover nowhere is like that, too.

My brother and our cousin are best friends, my mother and the cousin's mother, who are sisters, live on the same block, which is also the same block they grew up on, three blocks from the house I grew up in, which is where my brother lives now. However, sorry but they have the same boring design with ever client.

I see on their twit feed they like to tease their fans. Carrino seems to be a nice guy but after what I am reading here and other places I have my questions. Pompous ass is an understatement though to describe Carrino.

Anyway, anyone with the true goods on this perfect couple? I am beginning to lose more and more respect for Gorder too.

She just took off with Carrino today actually for a long motorcycle venture up the cost of northern Cali.

I am sorry, but that is irresponsible for the mom of a 5 yr old. Don't know much about him other than he came across as very nice but shy.if there wasn't some serious cock sucking going on in between takes, those men all suffered from low t levels. I heard too many stories about how they both act in their condo building and poorly treat the other people that live there. How would that idiot feel if he fell off one of his motorcyles and was in that situation and couldn't walk??? John and Anthony are rarely seen with other people except for the two girls (Jennifer Walker and Genevieve Gorder). I think that is a little odd, even in Italian heritage. I suppose women and plenty of men eat this shit up, but I can't handle watching anymore. Taking 2 guys with no formal designing training or real design skills and giving them a show just because of the novelty that they are "cousins" and they are decent looking?To us, family is very close, but we also have our own separate lives and own groups of friends. John is just way into the pretty boy look and fashion thing to be completely straight. He looks he just woke out of bed in some of those pictures where I don't think John would be caught dead without his gelled hair and a clean shave. I heard all about that divorced chick he has been banging for like a year now (Genevieve Goiter). I have seen that show several times and find it a joke.He was completely heartless towards another resident in his building who had a visitor who was a quadraplegic in a wheelchair and refused to move his bike from the handicapped spot for a few hours after the resident kindly asked him for his help as this poor person was unable to walk. People only see the "acts of kindless" these 2 do on their show. The "real" cousins are heartless and uncaring and their behavior off the air definitety shows it. My good friend knows them personally bc he lives in the same building and they are not well liked. Had back surgery a while back so has a scar on lower back. I really hope for the people who wind up renting at Telco that Brun Con does a much better job with the rehabilitation of this building. That neighborhood is basically as run down as it was 4 years ago when they bought it. Harsimus (aka Harimus Cove) location of The Telco Lofts and precinct is not a rundown area. Raphael Miranda of NBC-4 and his partner are renovating a house there. I met him a few months back in NYC and he came across with such a smug attitude and the other pretty boy cousin just kept flashing this annoying phony smile. The Property Brothers I met in Toronto a while back.The one brother Anthony refused to move one of his motorcyles from a handicapped spot that he claims that he owns. Loves his alcohol and cigarettes too and always seems to be hung over. Evidently, John is trying to sell his unit at m650 and has it listed. It is amazing what hair and wardrobe stylists can do. People on the street begging for money, cars getting stolen and broken into. I honestly think that the cousins may be gay or bi-sexual. They are are a couple of really nice guys and are just so completely hot in person.The guy doesn't even give his lady his parking spot in his building and she has to park her BMW out on the street.

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