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We want our readers to have a personal experience and get a holistic view of relationship issues, and genuine, personal reviews of products or services that can help them decide whether or not they’d want to investigate that item, service or experience, further.We have a good social media rating and none of our followers are eggs or purchased, or anyone who appears” scketchy.” Our Alexa rating as of August 2015 is good for a young site: Globally: 1,489,264 and in the United States it’s 429,761 (putting us in the top half million internet sites out there).I was never blessed with a daughter but instead have helped and mentored a number of young women.

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I was never a great “guy” so I felt I had little to offer as a role model to a son.

I just always wanted to be a great dad, or at the very least a friend, offering wisdom and guidance when someone was willing to accept it.

Bernstein (Hundreds of Heads Books, Inc., 2004) and The Last Job Search Guide You’ll Ever Need – How to Find and Get the Job or Internship of Your Dream, compiled by Steven J. Alison produced and directed “Making New Connections,” a series of 5 compact disks about improving sociability.

Alison’s web sites are The Advice Sisters a consultant, Tony has also functioned as an expert advisor, helping people of varying cultural and educational backgrounds, ages, and interests, to solve their problems and issues.

He has extensively studied the sexual and social behavior of women and channels his keen insights about roles and identity, sexuality, and issues of women and their relationships as the author of “A Young Woman’s Guide.” Alison and Tony are currently consultants to the Sinclair Institute as relationship experts.

They are considered to be the virtual friends to adults around the world.Much of the content here is geared towards adults who are seeking romantic relationships, but the world is full of non-romantic, relationship-oriented situations, too.You will also find much to guide you in all facets of your life.Thus as they say on the car ads “your mileage may vary.” We’re not going to bludgeon you with tons of information that takes you an o read, but we’d like you to get to know us.has a loyal, enthusiastic audience of primarily men and women (18-65) who are either single or in a relationship.” Take from us both our leather and our lace, and make life easier, more successful, and more fun.

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