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The Trustee and Trust Committee adopted a technical amendment to the Trust Agreement as follows: to provide the official name of the Trust as "Crown Paper Liquidating Trust" and to amend Section 3.2(a) of the Trust Agreement to provide that the commencement of litigation proceedings would not require approval of the Trust Committee.claims for avoidance of pre-bankruptcy payments and other transfers believed to be preferential or fraudulent under applicable bankruptcy law (�Preference Claims�); and claims against various parties arising out of the creation and/or separation of the Crown Entities from their previous ownership and their subsequent operation, accounting and other activities (�Spin-off Claims�).

The Court had determined that Crown officials had breached their fiduciary duties in connection with the determination to terminate and purchase the annuity.

It is not anticipated at this time that any significant events will occur prior to the end of 2003, if then, that could alter the present situation in which there is no current prospect of a distribution available for holders of Beneficial Interests in the Trust.

NOTICE TO ALL G REIT INVESTORS In order to most efficiently manage the upcoming final liquidation, the Trustees and your Manager have elected to engage Computershare, a leading independent transfer agent, to process all G REIT investor registrations, transfers and distributions.

Only funeral directors will be able to access these accounts.

This is not the website of the Wisconsin Funeral Directors Association (the “WFDA”). This site relates only to the WFT Liquidating Trust.

The obligations assumed by the Trust include: the payment (from reserves established on the Effective Date) or settlement of disputed unpaid chapter 11 administrative and other priority claims against the Crown Entities (�Disputed Priority Claims�); the payment (for which there are no reserves) or settlement of certain unpaid chapter 11 administrative claims against the Crown Entities and post confirmation, pre-Effective Date fees and expenses of professionals of the Crown Entities, which are anticipated to exceed $4 million (�Deferred Administrative Expenses�); the payment of remaining installments or in lump sum of certain tax obligations of the Crown Entities that were to be paid after the Effective Date pursuant to the Plan which were estimated to be between $1 million and $2 million (�Tax Claims�); the sharing of asset liquidation and litigation proceeds with certain banks and other lenders pursuant to agreements between the Crown Entities and such lenders in a formula approved by the Court and incorporated in the Plan (�Lenders� Share�); and operating, litigation and professional expenses of the Trust (�Trust Expenses�).

The Lenders' Share is a formula of proceeds of most assets transferred into the Trust.On this site, you will find answers to common questions about the Trust, historical information about the receivership of the Trust from 2012 to 2015, and contact details if more information is needed.The Trust remains active only for depositors existing as of the date of the receivership commenced in 2012. Funeral homes that have made deposits to the Trust on behalf of consumer-depositors can also check account balances here.Pursuant to the Plan, the holders of Beneficial Interests arising from shares are not entitled to receive any distributions until holders of Beneficial Interests arising from pre-bankruptcy creditor claims, including the publicly traded bonds, are paid in full.The Crown Entities did, during their chapter 11 cases, file and resolve objections to certain claims as to which priority or secured status was asserted.The Trust has prosecuted an appeal of this order to the United States District Court for the Northern District of California.


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