amber benson dating andy hallett - Dhcp not updating a records in dns

Now the problem comes when I also enable DHCP on the router so that clients can get an Internet connection when the Server is down.

Is there anyway I can have both DHCP sources and still update DNS on the server when it is available?

Is there any reason you wouldn't just have the router provide DHCP at all times?

Router is configured to issue addresses of remote ISPs DNS servers.

Thank you very much wanderer, it clears every thing in my mind, just one more question why do the DHCP does not update the PTR record on DNS for range even when its a dynamic lease.

Actually I didnot created a superscope, I only created one Scope IP with subnet mask

What DNS server are the clients configured with when the router gives them a DHCP lease?

And are they configured to send DNS updates in their network adapter settings?

Network cards are configured to ' Register this connections addresses in DNS'.

I think the main reason that I didn't just leave DHCP to the router was because of this issue where DNS on the server doesn't seem to get updated with the latest IP number.

For the clients to update DNS on the server properly, they'll need to be pointing to the server for DNS.

Maybe have the router's DHCP point to the server as primary DNS, and the other DNS servers as secondary?

When you say "DNS on the server doesn't seem to get updated with the latest IP number" can you explain what you mean and what the symptomes of the problem are?

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