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Productive activities The Tainos called conuco the area where they farmed crops, and used farming techniques using mounds and planting in the slash to later burn the cropping area.

The Dominican Republic Tainos were the most peaceful of these indigenous groups.

The Taino developed a culture based primarily on agricultural production that allowed them to craft a significant increase of utilitarian objects such as vases and other containers made of clay and wood, well-polished stone axes, objects of basketry and woven plant fibers cotton which were decorated with dyes extracted from the Jagua (Genipa Americana) and annatto (Bixa orellana), with which they also painted their bodies on special occasions.

Between them there was a custom of artificially deforming the skull of children, holding it with two tablets of cotton strips palm, one in front and one in the occipital, which managed to make the forehead look wider.

They perforated the lower lobe of the ear in order to wear decorative pins or earrings, called in their language taguaguas.

The collection of some wild fruits, fishing and hunting supplemented the food in the Taino Village, using tools and techniques, along with the practical and medicinal use given to certain plants, showing the Taino`s deep knowledge of the natural environment.

When the Europeans arrived, the Tainos inhabited much of the Spanish islands and Puerto Rico, as well as eastern Cuba and Jamaica.

The main crop of the Tainos was cassava (Manihot esculenta) grating or “cool” getting a mass of which elaborated the cazabí or cassava (currently, cassava), a species of dry bread or cake, previously toasted in a buren and constituted their staple food.

Maize (Zea mays) was another important ingredient in his client.

We harvested twice a year and ate it raw, when tender, and grilled, when more dry or mature.

Also shredded or crushed to make a porridge with water.

This cotton Cemí has a human skull in the head, quite rare.

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