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We document that government control and bias on the controversial topic of air pollution are salient; that individuals do not discount repeated information,…

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Full-time researchers work to advance the state of the art in…

In recent years, the field of computing has been revolutionized by the emergence of new paradigms such as cloud computing, multi-cores, mobile computing, big data, and new paths in machine learning. Research in the Algorithmic Economics group at MSR-NYC spans a wide variety of topics at the interface of economics and computation.

And what you can see is that over the last 25 years, Greece has barely managed to save more than 10 percent of their GDP. Now that we see these huge differences in savings rates, how is it possible that language might have something to do with these differences?

It should be noted, of course, that the United States and the U. Let me tell you a little bit about how languages fundamentally differ.

Existing economic ecosystems for distribution of multimedia leave a lot to be desired: client-server platforms do not scale well, resulting in substantial operational costs, whereas peer-to-peer platforms cannot police copyright control and are thus notorious for not being able to capitalize on their vast delivery…

Size: 160 k B This group is composed of economists in Microsoft Research and the Office of the Chief Economist, who fill the roles of: full-time researchers, post-docs, visitors, interns, and research assistants.Application areas include auctions, crowdsourcing, gaming, information aggregation, machine learning in markets, market interfaces, market makers, monetization, online advertising,…The global economic financial crisis has reignited public interest in something that’s actually one of the oldest questions in economics, dating back to at least before Adam Smith.And that is, why is it that countries with seemingly similar economies and institutions can display radically different savings behavior?Now, many brilliant economists have spent their entire lives working on this question, and as a field we’ve made a tremendous amount of headway and we understand a lot about this.Is this difference in languages only between very, very distantly related languages, like English and Chinese? So many of you know, in this room, that English is a Germanic language.

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