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How do the cells in a human embryo know where they are located in the body and how they should develop?Why do certain cells form a finger while others do not?

In mathematical terms, this phenomenon is referred to as a concentration gradient.

A cell activates different genes depending on where it is located in the gradient.

Dpp binds to receptors located on the surface of the cell in the future wing and initiates a signal cascade in the cell.

The signal cascade activates different genes depending on how many receptors are bound by Dpp.

The concentration gradient of Pentagone is opposite than that of Dpp.

The closer a cell is located to the point where Pentagone is produced, the less Dpp it can bind.

In our project, we are tackling this difficult challenge by consolidating expertise from a variety of academic fields, from physical chemistry to biochemistry, molecular biology, physiology, and pathology.

The process of protein folding involves an intermediate state in which the structure is metastable.

Our project is being promoted by dividing it into three stages.

For stage 1, we are investigating the mechanism of protein folding.

Each cell develops as specified by the genes activated in it, and veins develop when certain thresholds have been reached.

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