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Today we are going to see basic but important tips that probably will not benefit many of you, but hopefully, it seems beneficial for few of you those stuck into these kinds of problems, this post will save some time which I have wasted for figuring out all of these errors. Most of the readers don’t share as they feel that us bloggers don’t require their “tiny” social share. I developed this blog piece by piece, your one small share at a time, and will continue encouraging me to do so.

Most relevant solution for these error is about your HOST file. If it shows, TSS or Cydia then you need to update HOST file, because it should show Apple Server Configuration page.

Let’s get rid off the error code 3004 from i Tunes.

Open the file and Find the line that has .and Delete all this line that has .and then Save it. Locate the \etc folder again Overwrite the hosts file that you just edited. Reboot your computer and Try to restore or update it again.

This may be due to the outdated version of i Tunes software you are using.

This creates some complications with the i Tunes hosts file on your PC/Mac and the Apple’s validation server.

This time you will be able to successfully do it without getting i Tunes error 3194.

Method-II: If your i Tunes software does not function properly or does not open at all, due to some bugs in the i Tunes software, then the below mentioned alternative method will show you how to restore/update your i OS without having to use i Tunes. Hope you guys have been able to overcome the i Tunes error 3194 using my detailed solutions.

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If you are having problem with i Tunes error message 3004 while restoring your i Phone or i Pad?

You might see lots of errors or alert messages when you use i Tunes to update/upgrade or downgrade or restore your i Phone, i Pad or i Pod touch. I got the question, How To Fix i Tunes Error 3194 Can't/Not Restore, Downgrade?

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