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ESP tooled up for Tom Anderson's shaved bolt on neck heel on the Schecter bodies and this has since become a feature of their house brand.

In 1985, George Lynch discovered ESP while on tour in Tokyo.

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: : : : The all serial number esp guitar : : Hi, : : I would like to verify the number of serie this guitar ESP ltd alexi-600 SERIAL NO:w0612552 : : That that is indeed one original and no forgery(imitation) : : Thank im interested in finding out more details about my guitar. Do you think you could shine any light on the subject? Leroy Hi, Did you ever find out anything about your guitar?

It's a Ibanez RGR 321 EX with this serial code : i061204050 . I think I have the same one, or a similar one that I purchased on a yard sale.

Models similar to Hetfield's black ESP even today sell for hundreds of dollars beyond the original retail price.

However, just like with Ibanez, when the Gibson company realized the extent to which ESP was denting into sales of its own guitars, it filed a suit to prevent sales of these guitars in the Americas.

ESP redesigned its lines to be less similar to the American models.

This is largely due to the Fender buyout of Jackson Guitars, who ESP had struggled to compete with throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

On the net ..says its a wrong code...i dont know what to think about help me? The one I have is acoustic, and inside it says made in Japan, "desde 1908" and "modelo 375".

All I know is that it says Ibanez on the lable and/ DESDS :1908 / MODELO# 375 / MADE IN JAPAN. Do you think you could shine any light on the subject?

They are based in both Tokyo, Japan and Los Angeles, California, United States, with two distinct product lines for each respective market.

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