Ethan peck and lindsey shaw dating

Kat is a cool, smart, strong-willed, forthright feminist who is looking to save the world and get out of school as fast as she can.

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Kat and Patrick get into a fight when he litters on school property and they end up in the principal's office.

Patrick leaves his backpack behind and Kat can't resist snooping through it.

Chastity gets jealous over Bianca's success while Cameron hopes that sending Bianca a carnation will finally make her notice him. Bianca overhears plans for a party and enlists Cameron to help her the address to up her social status.

Kat finds out she and Patrick like the same band and he invites her to a concert.

After Kat complains about her English teacher's easy grading, she succeeds in getting the grading policy changed.

However, her new grade causes Kate to make tough realizations about herself.

As they start at their new school (Padua High), they have very different goals.

It's clear that one sister wants to stand out and the other just wants to fit in.

Bianca tries everything to be popular and become a cheerleader – although getting involved with the boyfriend (Chris Zylka) of the most popular girl in school (Dana Davis) creates new challenges. Covington served as the series' showrunner, as well as an executive producer.

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