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In any event, I’m pretty sure there are no formal rules of conduct on audience applause here. I remember ABT used to have a little page at the beginning of the Playbill asking audience members to please be aware of their neighbors: if they have kids to make sure the kids aren’t kicking the seats in front of them or screaming or what not; no eating in the auditorium; silence all cell phones; etc. I haven’t seen that page this season but I don’t remember any rules about when an audience is supposed to applaud.The other day, the same thing happened, but on a less obnoxious level.

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I think she told Odette’s story to Siegfried better than any other ballerina I’ve seen.

She was also very athletic — during the Black Swan pas she was just a blur when she did those turns around the perimeter of the stage.

And during the fouette sequence, she threw in triple pirouettes between practically every fouette.

She didn’t do the arms like Gillian Murphy, but her multiple pirouettes were stunning.

1/18/2005 - American Ballet Theatre, Americas National Ballet Company, lead by Artistic Director Kevin Mc Kenzie, returns to the Dance at the Music Center series at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion for a second consecutive season April 28 to May 1.

The programs include four performances of the Companys acclaimed production of Giselle and a single evening of repertory works to music of Tchaikovsky including Theme and Variations, Ballet Imperial and three pas de deux.

I haven’t seen a lot of really mesmerizing dancers do this role before, so I really haven’t paid it much attention. To wrap up, I also liked Blaine Hoven, Hee Seo and Melanie Hamrick in the Benno and ladies pas de trois.

Watching David was the first time I thought how powerful — and how entertaining — that role can really be. Blaine is really developing into an artist — he not only executed all of those hard jumps with great precision and articulation, but he also played with the musicality a bit, slowing things down here and holding a line there — it made for more captivating, intriguing dancing.

Most people were astounded, some gave a bemused little laugh, some started clapping but I wasn’t sure whether they were applauding his suggestion or mocking him.


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