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At the major electronic dance music (EDM) festivals like Ultra and Electric Daisy Carnival, I've grown accustomed to seeing seas of thousands of shirtless men writhing to the thump-thump-thump of the music. In the crowd, instead of "hey, girl," it's primarily "what up, bro?

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In fact, mega gay dance clubs seem to be a relic of the past; soon after I moved to New York, The Roxy closed for good.

Gay circuit parties have had declining attendance for years.

That would be the first chance to see the victim's pin code being used.

The alleged fraudster would immediately suggest getting a refund, which offered a chance to confirm the pin code. "Basically, after they have their time with the complainant", Liew said, "they would steal their credit cards and debit cards from their wallets." The accused then withdrew large amounts of cash — on average about $10,000 — from the victim's bank account.

The emphasis was on the vocalist, typically female and flamboyant: Madonna, Janet Jackson, Cher, Amber, Crystal Waters.

So no wonder gays -- who historically have loved strong, independent female diva types -- were the primary demographic.

In most cases, the theft happened on the first date.

As soon as the accused stole the card, they moved onto the next target, police said.

Although I'm aware that some of this warm-and-fuzzy behavior may be chemically induced, my "gaydar" consistently loses signal.

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