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In 1945–1946, the first design drawings and wooden models were made for a camera to be called the Rossex.

An internal design competition was held for elements of the camera; one of the winners was Sixten Sason, the designer of the original Saab bodywork.

In 1948, the camera later known as the 1600 F was released.

The new design was complex, and many small improvements were needed to create a reliable product; the watchmaking background of many of the designers produced a design which was sophisticated, but more delicate than what was required for a camera.

Steven, I'm sorry you can't find the code, i can find it on all my CF and F lenses.

Make sure you set the lens to its closest focus setting, and have a look. Perhaps someone in the know from Zeiss might help us here? We need more numbers to see if any likely pattern emerges.

In 1877, Arvid Hasselblad commissioned the construction of Hasselblad's long-time headquarters building, in use until 2002.

While on honeymoon, Arvid Hasselblad met George Eastman, founder of Eastman Kodak.After the war, watch and clock production continued, and other machine work was also carried out, including producing a slide projector and supplying parts for Saab automobiles.Victor Hasselblad's real ambition was to make high-quality civilian cameras.In 1942, Karl Erik Hasselblad died and Victor took control of the family business.During the war, in addition to the military cameras, Hasselblad produced watch and clock parts, over 95,000 by the war's end.Numbers apparently are assigned in blocks per job, and subsequent jobs can be completely different products. There goes my theory that the one letter stood for the month of manufacture...


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