im too picky with dating men - He just got out of a relationship dating

Same rules apply, girls: If he’s out of your league, don’t fall too hard, cause it probably won’t last. No friends or family to set him up with new chicks? Comfort him, pat his head, hold it close to your bosom. But if he’s in your hotness range, and especially if he’s 30 or older, dig your claws in good.

But modern men and women don’t have modern brains, they have cavebrains…this is a core belief of evolutionary psychology.

So while times have changed—getting dumped no longer means dying in the wild—our emotions are the same as they were 10,000 years ago.

Just like the pain of burning will help you instinctively jump out of a fire, the pain of getting dumped will instinctively help you jump into a new relationship.

As you might guess, cavebabes on the rebound were a lot more desperate than modern women need to be.

They also had an object placed on their arm, which at one time produced a warm, pleasurable sensation, and another was heated up to cause pain.

Using functional MRIs, scientists mapped what areas of the brain responded to each of the four sensations.But if you’re interested in a long-term romance, does it make sense?Short answer: Yes, if you’re actually a good match.The result was that the same part of the brain which we used to believe was dedicated only to physical pain was also used to process the emotionally painful memory.This study showed what anyone who has suffered heartbreak can tell you: emotional pain doesn’t hurts.In fact, she’ll be more ready than ever to realize your true worth. Close counts in horse shoes, hand grenades, and looking attractive to a girl on the rebound. While it might be sad to lose a cavebabe, it didn’t incur any immediate danger…men can still provide for and protect themselves.

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