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This unique former croft cottage is Beautifully restored with a remote feel, yet accessible by train or car even in the winter.

The pool systems and patterned bogs of the Flow Country are very important breeding grounds for rare birds and wildlife.

Helmsdale centrally located offers unlimited opportunities for the explorer…how much time do you have available and what would you like to see?

The identities of the deceased are not being released at this time.

The authorities are waiting until their family members have been notified to formally identify them.

Rich in Reptile Remains, Giant Corals, Fish Remains and occasional ammonites !

The morning sun from the cottage April am…and a typical sunny outlook The areas of Sutherland and Caithness form the great, empty, northern wilderness of Britain; having three coasts, a vast interior, and the lowest population of any area in Western Europe.

Within 60 minutes you can reach John o” Groats and perhaps a day trip to Orkney, or an unforgettable journey along Scotland’s true North coast through Bettyhill, Tongue, Durness as far as Cape Wrath.

Favourite Walks – within 1 mile of easy walking uphill or downhill from Sea View Cottage you can enjoy these amazing views below Or in a Westerley direction to huge mountains and isolated Lochs like Loch Shin and the rewarding Salmon and Trout rivers of Sutherland and Wester Ross.

According to several local reports, the bodies were those of a male and female, both believed to be in their 60’s.

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