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After the script was complete and had begun working its magic, he set about studying relationship surveys from other dating sites.

OKCupid proved the most useful with its toolkit, advising the right things to say, do and wear to impress a date.

More than a million users hit by ‘Beautiful People ‘ dating site data hack According to, sources said the data is now being sold online by hackers online.

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He uploaded 30 pictures to both OKCupid and Hot Or to figure out which ones would get him the most replies from members (he's not a bad looking guy in the first place, mind), and combined it all together to create his own special brand of automated matchmaking.

At the height of Eros's popularity he was getting around four dates per week from various women he had contacted on RSVP, and continued dating various girls for over six months.

Without an RSVi P subscription, he would have been limited to sending around 20 Kiss messages per day.

The script wasn't just about automating the first point of contact though.

Description: RSVP is Australia ‘s largest online dating site.

whether it ‘s to meet new friends, extend your social circle, start dating again or search for a partner.

For the uninitiated, au is one of Australia's largest dating sites with over 450,000 members logging on every month to try to find their true love, someone to have a drink with or even just someone to spend the night with.

Over 1200 new members are signing up every day, and it claims to be the first online dating site in Australia. It's free to make initial contact with a member via what's known as a "Kiss" message.

, Tech Cabal – This Nigerian crowdfunding startup ‘s growth hack is a .

This is how to hack a dating site to au is one of Australia’s largest dating sites with over How To Hack Australia’s Largest Online Dating Site..

All this attention saw the RSVi P search algorithm promote him to the top of all Sydney search results.

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