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All provisions, requirements, and prohibitions that are mandated by this Act shall be contained in the written contract before it is signed by the customer.

A copy of the written contract shall be given to the customer at the time the customer signs the contract.

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The enterprise shall have the right to require and verify reasonable evidence of the death.(b) Every contract for dating referral services shall provide that notice of cancellation under subsection (a) of this Section shall be made in writing and delivered by certified or registered mail to the enterprise at the address specified in the contract.

All refunds to which a customer or his or her estate is entitled shall be made within 30 days of receipt by the enterprise of the cancellation notice.

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Now that online dating is an acceptable way to meet your match, women are often the first contact.Choose a partner with a photo if possible multiple images and insist on a video chat even before you decide to love just to make sure it is the same person whose picture you have consulted with the profile.And if you do not really feel comfortable writing, or it is not your strong point, say so.No right of action or defense arising out of a contract for dating referral services that the customer has against the enterprise shall be cut off by assignment of the contract whether or not the assignee acquires the contract in good faith and for value.Such an assignee is not a holder in due course.(a) All contracts for dating referral services that may be in effect between the same enterprise and the same customer, the term of which overlap for any period, shall be considered as one contract for the purposes of this Act.There's dinner to cook, clothes to be picked up by the vacuum cleaner and the dog walked before the end of the tasks awaiting your work and go to bed early because you have to get up early to get to work in the time.

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