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If you are configuring a two node primary/secondary cluster database, set this value to 1.

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It is also possible that the message is the result of using "-" in the resolver so that the verifier could not check the correctness of some code.

In that case, the class needs to be created with a resolver.

References can occur in hierarchies and attributes within the dimension.

The SELECT expression was of a different numeric precision or string length than the corresponding container column.

The create flag was specified in OCIFile Open such that the file was to be created. Or the file already exists and the permissions on it doesn't allow the file to be opened in in the requested open mode The level name specified with the REFERENCES portion of a JOIN KEY clause in a dimension DDL statement does not reference a level in the hierarchy that contains the JOIN KEY clause. Make sure the name begins with a letter, contains only letters, digits and underscore and contains no more than 30 characters.

If you qualify the name with the owner name, make sure the owner name conforms with the requirements for an owner name on your system.

To associate statitics with a system-managed domain index, issue ASSOCIATE STATISTICS command with the indextype of this domain index.

Either an ASSOCIATE STATISTICS WITH SYSTEM MANAGED STORAGE TABLES command was issued with an indextype which is not system-managed, or an ASSOCIATE STATISTICS command was issued with an indextype which is system-managed.

This instance was evicted from the group by another instance of the cluster database group for one of several reasons, which may include a communications error in the cluster and failure to issue a heartbeat to the control file.

Check to see if the domain index has been implemented with system-managed storage tables.

Therefore, query rewrite cannot guarantee results that are identical to the results obtained with the un-rewritten query.


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