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Most decisions seem to be made like ones of a medieval king: whatever makes profit while ignoring and repressing the truth about whatever suffering it may cause (like pop music, for that matter)." Casablancas also released a new trailer clip for Tyranny today (which can be seen up top).

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" It's a balmy afternoon in Los Angeles and Casablancas, unspeakably hip frontman of New York rockers The Strokes, is discussing his long-running battle with booze.

So he took the fateful decision to go on the wagon (for the record, he isn't being coy when he professes utter ignorance of "teetotal" -- tellingly, it's not a word that crops up very often in fashionable corners of Manhattan). You know, drinking is what happens once the work is done. He and his wife of four years, Juliet Joslin, are about to have their first child.

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"Teetotal," he says, rolling the word around in his mouth."Tee-total. After nearly a decade in the fast lane, he had, he says, reached a point where round-the-clock partying was beginning to take over his life. It was time to stop." Casablancas is taking maximum advantage of his new-found sobriety.

The video features VHS-quality footage introducing his new bandmembers and the story behind how they all came to play music together.

It also shows footage of rehearsals, performances and snippets of new tracks.

The tracks were entitled ‘2231’, ‘Biz Dog’, ‘The Phantom Of Liberty (Arabic Jam)’, ‘Dr Acula’ and ‘Ego’ – watch them here.

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Fans are now speculating the album may drop on 26th May., in 2009.

Back in November, an overnight update to the singer’s website sparked rumours of a forthcoming follow-up, after visitors were suddenly greeted by a previously unseen set of graphics spelling out “Voidz.”Voidz, it turns out, was a reference to Casablancas’ new backing band, whom the singer debuted along with a batch of new songs over the course of a number of surprise US shows, which followed the release of a new teaser for the upcoming album. Now, a new promotional video featuring VHS-quality footage introducing The Voidz and telling the story of how they came together with Casablancas, has fans buzzing.

I'd read a little of him in school, I guess -- we did a bit of Picture of Dorian Gray. "It's been blown out of proportion," he says of his upbringing, which included a stint at Institut Le Rosey, the Swiss finishing school which counts the offspring of Elizabeth Taylor, John Lennon, Aristotle Onassis and Winston Churchill as past-pupils (it's where he met future Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr). It's New York, we're kind of roaming around, drinking beer on stoops. Starting the band, we didn't say, 'hey, let's all put on leather jackets and pretend to be cool', you know what I'm saying?

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