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Spencer says Katy claimed she sent him an email explaining her sudden absence, but he told her he never got it, and Katy never resent it. Max, unsurprisingly, is doubtful that Spencer has been embroiled in an online romance with megastar divorcee Katy Perry.

But the real surprise here is that even Nev ditches his own onscreen character — ever the encouraging optimist!

After being confronted by the hosts, Spencer claims he only reached out again for the sake of further clarity (??? He says he realizes now, at long last, that he’d never been in contact with Katy Perry.

Katy provided Spencer with a Canadian phone number, which set off zero alarm bells despite the fact that Katy is from California, which is in the United States.

This episode offers further proof that when you want to believe something badly enough, any narrative can be invented inside your own brain to fit your ideal. with someone else now…” asks a confused and perpetually skeptical Max.

The episode (which Spencer previously promised would be "the best one yet," and he's right, BTW) aired Wednesday and did not disappoint.

The first 10 minutes are on You Tube and includes everything from Spencer's texts and emails with "Katy" (who apparently sent him unreleased songs that were basically broken You Tube links), a disappointing but predictable story of how they met, and a rather sad look at the ring he made for her.

And while there appears to be a brief breakthrough — he and Harriet sit down and speak in private but on camera about their online exchanges — it doesn’t last long.

It’s difficult enough to let go of an actual relationship with a real human being whose flaws and annoying idiosyncrasies become obvious to you over time, contributing to the breakup.

“That’s a wild claim to be making,” Nev says, not even attempting to conceal his glee over the press this story will get.

“It’s probably one of the most ridiculous things we’ve ever heard.” But Spencer, somehow unable to see how outlandish his claim is, never wavers in his belief.

Off to England they go, Spencer remaining firmly planted in his misguided beliefs that he’s about to meet Katy Perry, the love of his life.

“I’ve gone back and listened to some of her songs in her last album — all of them have little bits that are clues to me,” he told the MTV hosts before departure.

Before they leave, Spencer confides in his brother that he’s been involved in an intimate online relationship with 2015 Super Bowl performer Katy Perry that spans more than half a decade.


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