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Shamil Jeppie and Souleymane Diagne’s magisterial The Meanings of Timbuktu points out that there was no institute such as a University of Sankoré.

Qunta advocates a reparations fund; to accelerate corrective policies; that white businesses should learn to think strategically; that schools should be freed from colonial indoctrination; and that African culture should be mainstreamed, especially African languages.

The author’s heroes include Marcus Garvey, Franz Fanon, Malcolm X and Steve Biko.

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She advocates that colonial symbols, including statues, should be removed from public places and sent to museums; the same with colonial names. starts by quoting Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o that a: Qunta recalls her screaming in pain as a child when her granny tried to comb her hair straight and her mother burnt it straight, leaving her with marks on her forehead.

She then summarises the fashion and beauty industries’ war against African hair.

The third is a 50-page part-autobiography called Law, national duty, and other hazards.

It is sad that half a century after Basil Davidson and Joseph Needham’s books popularised respectively African history and Chinese mechanical inventions, Qunta still finds it necessary to devote pages to an Afrocentric summary of history.

During the 1950s and 1960s many Japanese women had surgeons reshape their eyes from almond to round.


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