Learning disability dating sights

Evidence suggests that a child's chances of having a learning disability increase when parents or other relatives also have learning disabilities.

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Learning disability dating sights

Children who qualify as learning disabled are supported with specially designed instruction based on each child's unique strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles.

Learning disabilities are believed to be caused by neurological differences in the way the brain processes information.

A complete review of the student's educational history is conducted to rule out other possible explanations for the difference in skill development and IQ before a learning disability is diagnosed.

Early detection and intervention for learning disabilities are critical.

The diagnosis is reassuring because it leads to additional support in school through specially trained teachers and special education programs.

Students with learning disabilities will also have individual education programs developed to address their needs.

Learning disabilities are neurological differences in processing information that severely limit a person's ability to learn in a specific skill area.

That is, these disorders are the result of actual differences in the way the brain processes, understands, and uses information.

These articles will walk you step by step through the referral process for an evaluation to determine if your child has a learning disability or other type of educational disability.


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