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Then starting from the 80's and thanks, mainly, to the works of director, screenwriter and actor Yılmaz Güney it gained world wide recognition and started participating in international film festivals collecting awards and recognitions.actually the Turkish cinema has gained a place in its own right among Europe's national cinemas expanding it's boundaries and getting attention through the works and arcievements of a brand new generation of talented cinematographers.

Fantastic enters to Turkish cinema in the late 40's, early 50's and like most beginnings, everything starts with a thrilling twilight horror movie called Çığlık / Scream (Aydın Arakon-1949).

Çığlık tells a story about a man who getting mad in an old dark house.

Some of the feature films mentioned are actually available abroad, both in Europe and the United States on video casettes, some are already familiar to "B" movie buffs in fact from time to have been reviewed in video magazines or fanzines but the majority is yet to be discovered.

Thus the aim of this web site (like Fantastic Turkish Cinema book by Giovanni Scognamillo and Metin Demirhan) is to lead the way for such a discovery and to recreate a world almost forgotten.

ARISE also trains and monitors the effectiveness of juvenile officers who actually conduct ARISE groups in secure juvenile justice facilities in 24 congressional districts across Florida.

The following report shows important statistics monitored from 1996 through the year 2009 displayed by congressional district.With several episodes of Keloğlan / The Bald Boy films, we are back to Turkish folklore traditions.The hero both naive and smart is played by Rüştü Asyalı. Comments that will improve the site are extremely welcome.Once, the Turkish cinema as a whole was practically considered an "unknown" territory, only accessible to some specialized scholars or film historians.Obviously most of the films considered in this context are not "arthouse" films, the majority of them pertains to "B" movie category or double-bills.


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