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Ball was hired to produce a cheery design for buttons and posters that could be distributed internally because company morale was low.The State Mutual Life Assurance Company of Worcester, Massachusetts merged with the Guarantee Mutual Company of Ohio, and the world was shaken to its core. Earnestness and sincerity have infected bookworms on the prowl for passion. Have they become as bland as the typical American personal ad? As always, we've removed contact info to protect privacy.

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The word ‘emoji’, contrary to popular belief, doesn’t have anything to do with emotion: it’s an amalgamation of the Japanese words for image, by Gavin Lucas (Prestel, £14.99), traces the creation of emoji to an employee of the Japanese telecommunications company NTT Docomo.

In the mid-1990s, Docomo produced the Pocket Bell, a pager which allowed users to attach a small ♥ to their messages; it became very popular with flirty high school kids.

This offer doesn’t include meals or alcoholic beverages. I also plan on revealing my first name so that you don’t necessarily have to call me Dr Clowder. If you’re 38-50, like museli, and would consider a savings account that gives you a 6.1% return on balances over £5000, write now to Eddy ‘Babycanon’ Mulligan.

I was recently victorious in a small claims court and with my compensation cheque I’d like to take you (F to 48) on a weekend bicycling trip to the Lake District Centre Parc. So I’m making it easier by sporting very casual clothing – denims, a jersey, no tie – while writing this. The same demographic also enjoys healthy cereal breakfasts and is open to product offers from financial institutes.

In September 1982, a computer scientist at Carnegie Mellon University proposed on an online message board that jokes could be marked :-) and non-jokes :-( .

Hundreds of emoticons have appeared since then, the ‘winky face’ for example, ;-). Each issue's personals section was a parfait of defiant yearning, every ad a middle finger to self-marketing conventions. Perhaps it's a reflection of the recent political cowpie in Great Britain where two parties with nothing in common entered into a marriage of convenience to avoid isolation in the wilderness, but many of the ads in this month's issue - nearly 40% - have lost that wacko lovin' feelin' we've come to depend upon from the LRB. The lovelorn British bookworm really knows how to make a lasting first impression. A person could get the wrong idea and think they're reading Ennui! American man 45, seeks letters from abroad: correspondence for an affair of the mind. Fictionists, political pundits, American expatriates, and email aficionados discouraged. Love with sonar pings, meta-metacarpals, necrophilia, museli, endurance freaks, over-aged under-grad statisticians, seminal ships at sea, dental procedures, yarn and knots. As for the uncharacteristically unimaginative personals in this month's issue it's time for the editors to perform a little triage on the lame and catatonic supplicants currently posting to the LRB's ad space. Bibliophiliac Bleeds Books, Seeks Same For Mutual Bloodletting.Followers of this reporter know that he has a fondness for the London Review of Books' personal ads. imaginative, savory, impudent, uninhibited, and delightfully insouciant, they have consistently demonstrated a wit and flair generally absent from Americans trolling for love (or a reasonable facsimile, or temporary illusion) who nail notes to the classifieds' wall in the U. The Brits practically dare you to answer their ads. Without my grandfather’s contribution to agricultural reforms in 1912, this nation would currently have to import its turnips. The Interrobang, ‽, a cross between an exclamation mark and a question mark, was invented by an American copywriter in 1962.


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