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Rather than work on improving these, the affair brings excitement. ROMANTIC LOVE A search for love is the stereotypical reason many people believe a married woman has an affair, that she wants flowers sent to her when it isn’t her birthday or anniversary that she yearns for dinners in hide-a-way restaurants, and seeks meaningful glances and soft kisses.

by Diane Neumann INTRODUCTION On January 9, 1981, at p.m., I had my first session as a divorce mediator.

My clients, Kathy and Jim, were in their late 40’s.

Often, a person does not start out intending to have an affair.

It may have been the furthest thing from their mind, but, once involved, they believe they can keep the affair in one little corner of their life. An affair often enables the person to be more sexually adventurous and to express their sexuality - in ways not done with their spouse. I’ve listed the primary reasons for having an affair, but keep in mind that some of the reasons exist simultaneously.

THE CHANGING WORLD OF WIVES AND HUSBANDS Years ago, the rules within a marriage were different--easier, many would say—husbands worked to support their family, and wives took care of the home and children.

“Fulfilling yourself” was not a purpose of marital life.They don’t wake up one day and suddenly decide to divorce.Contrary to the popular belief that people shed a marriage as easily as last year’s coat, acting on one’s decision to divorce is difficult, especially in a long term marriage or when there are children.And, when it’s about love - Americans hold fast to the idea that finding love is a soul’s right.It’s a funny way to put it, yet most of you will know what I mean.But for the short-term, a lover makes you feel good about yourself.


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  4. There is nothing inherent about initiating an email conversation that screams out “desperate”. Where most women screw up that first email contact is by taking one of two approaches: 1) telling him how great he is, or 2) explaining why you’re great and why he should write back to you. Is there something particularly energizing in the phrase, “I think we have a lot in common”?

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