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The problem with this approach is, if you have a master page/content page setting, and your gridview is on the content page, the script won't work properly... However, based on the idea of modifying the control of the article, I came up with a way of doing it via server code instead of relying on javascripts that run on the client side. It need to be structured somehow that when the query runs, the returned datatable contains an empty row at row index 0. In this tutorial I will show you how you can create an editable Grid View control for administrators to modify database records directly into the Grid View control.

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By Default, Grid View control displays Item Template which directly shows the Product Name and Unit Price columns but when user clicks Edit button Grid View automatically switches to Edit Item Template and display the control available inside Edit Item Template for user editing.

Now I will show you the C# code behind file of the above ASP.

A friend asked me to help him out on this and frankly it has me completely stumped as well.

I have a Grid View control and use old style manual binding with a Data Source property and invoke the Data Bind() method.

These properties will automatically render Edit, Update and Cancel buttons inside Grid View column.

I am using Template Field’s Item Template and Edit Item Template for providing read only and editing interface of the same column in the Grid View.

Row Index = 0 Then 'Creating a hashtable and store data to it Dim hsh As New System.

'As in this code, I have a Sub named Add Store Record which takes a hastable as argument and insert a new record to DB.

Since we know that hte empty row is on the very top (row zero), so we mainly interested in that row.

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