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Everyone on Allen Sportswear’s staff is a current and former athlete and/or coach.We take pride in our company’s personalized service and we ensure that your football jerseys and pants get the highest in quality control and timely delivery. We also offer kids football uniforms with the same sturdy quality and range of customization options as the one for teenagers and adults.

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Kids need good uniforms especially because of their typical rough and tumble play style. Click here to start building a team uniform that will make your players look like pros and make you look like a cost-saving genius. Check out our high quality baseball, softball, and basketball uniforms you can customize here at Allen Sportswear.

Parents also want attractive uniforms for their kids.

The end result is a great deal for all our athletic uniforms.

Before you ever touch the ball, make a bold, in-your-face statement with Allen Sportswear football uniforms.

Whether it’s tackle or flag football, looking like a winner in tough football uniforms is almost as important as your team’s play on the field.

Don’t worry because Allen Sportswear’s got your back. As a leading manufacturer of football team uniforms, we know what it means to your players every time they put on their team colors. Those are just some of the adjectives our customers use to describe Allen Sportswear football jerseys, pants, and shorts. They’re lightweight, yet incredibly strong with twice-reinforced seams.

Let's check out Nike's top 10 uniforms in college football.

As Oklahoma State has risen to contender status in the Big 12 under Mike Gundy, so too has the Cowboys' style.

The "Sooners" emblazoned on the chest always look great.


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