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TV Presenter Rick Edwards gives us of his So who is in the shortlist?

If they decide you're good looking enough, you get to join the site – hurrah!

Once on the site, you're free to select a mating partner based on the length of their eyelashes, or their forehead to neck ratio.

Or, if I've misunderstood, it's a way to buy a date by offering things like shopping sprees, adventure experiences and platinum flavoured caviar.

You get to 'bid' for potential dates, with only the fact that you are willing to spend £47.59 instead of £47.58 to recommend you.

By that they don’t mean the music style, they mean people who love the great outdoors, the good old English countryside, the green pastures, forests, views, Heilan’ Coos… They mean everything muddy, as this is what the called: Muddy Matches.

At first I thought – do we really need another dating site, even if it is specifically targeted?

Don't lose heart, because there is a dating site out there for you.

Whether you prefer lactose intolerant people, or need to find someone who's at the same level as you on World Of Warcraft, the internet, as usual, has all your bases covered.

Because obviously that's all that matters when it comes to true love.

Don't you just hate it when your date takes you to a restaurant and tries to force feed you bread?

I'm not sure I'm allowed to keep going out with my boyfriend now. Actually I take that back; there should be a dating site just for ghostbusters and people who want to date them.


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