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The script was the same format: Here is your weapon. In September of 2012, a woman posted the following photo on her fitness blog.

It is an exact copy of the original meme, down to the hand-drawn skull and crossbones signature.

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It's that these memes have been shared so much that they now bizarrely represent to some the key to the perfect relationship.

When we posted a Facebook status asking guys to share with us their feelings on Nerf guns, someone immediately commented with a link, leading us to a "cool wife with Nerf gun" meme. The issue not only lies with the stereotyping it involves — if you do this, you're a good wife — but it's promoting the idea that doing one thing a certain way qualifies you as a perfect spouse.

So by 2013, the meme was now synonymous with "marriage goals" and "best wife ever." When you search any version of the phrase "Nerf Gun Surprise for Husband," you will be directed to lists that advise how to "ignite the romance" and "keep the surprise in a relationship." That same year, a video of a husband arriving home to a "Surprise Zombie Clearout" birthday party went viral on You Tube. "Cool wife with nerf gun" memes send multiple messages: The women posting them want you to know they're not (or they won't be) a "boring wife." Men love the idea of having a "cool wife." One guy we talked to said he loved the note in the meme and the idea behind it, noting that this would be a great way for his wife to "keep the relationship A number of Whisper submissions have surfaced in the last year all reflect the damaging popularity of the meme.

Addressed from women to their future spouse, the posts all revolve around solemn vows to be "that kind of wife." Even if you take the Nerf gun out of the equation, "cool wife" note memes are still all over the internet.

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He wants Monty back, and is just waiting for that day to come. Powers: A monocle Weakness: Spiders Koalas: No one knows why, but they hate Chase, and Chase hates them…

Powers: Italian strength, facial hair more dense that steel wool. Taryn Mills: Collectively calm, a well of patience that has no limits, and the one who has caught the eye of Chase Connors. Weakness: Unfortunate luck, Chase wearing Spiderman Underwear.

She’s sincere, but has a long history of past events that resurface to test Chase. Stephanie Ballonoff: Intelligent, reliable, and slightly cynical, her and Tony have been together before any of them even had a driver’s license. it’s quite the mystery what happened to him, there have been rumors that he was fairly mild mannered at one time before he became the egotistical man he is today.

n the last year, it has become the poster for what a “perfect wife” should do, and what a “perfect relationship” embodies.


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