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Kremen had a vision, fast forward 20 years and his crazy statement is pretty accurate.

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However, when we start to solely rely on a small window of opportunity, such as a Friday and Saturday night, we become increasingly perplexed with our lack of luck.

Focus on additionally participating in activities that relate to our hobbies and can happen any time of the week.

Once an online relationship is initially established, you go through the traditional phases of a relationship, growing it and maintaining it offline and with your partner, face-to-face.

The pros and cons of online dating Pro: Over 91 million singles use online dating worldwide.Con: It’s hard to determine if someone likes you romantically when you’re at an event. Technology has changed everything and at the end of the day, online dating is far more than just a game with winners and losers.You need to look at it as an adventure that can lead you to new experiences, greater self-discovery and an understanding of what we want in our lives.Pro: Having mutual friends in common helps put you at ease. Con: Singles may feel shy and not ask someone out for an official date.Con: They might have dated someone you know and this leads to uncomfortable situations. Con: You are limited to a small pool of singles from your social circle. Pro: Going to events you like allows you to meet people who have similar interests.Online conversations deprive us of the ability to recognize other’s tones, express own emotions fully, and participate in free flowing conversation.


  1. Some sources estimate that are 30,000 Bangladeshi women in the brothels of Kolkata.

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