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Activists don't have a citizen ballot initiative process to allow them to pursue legalization, so they're hoping the pro-pot momentum will carry over to lawmakers in the Aloha State this year and beyond.

Hawaii has already legalized cannabis for medical use, and lawmakers recently passed legislation to improve the system.

They will need to collect more than 500,000 valid signatures by Feb. While the momentum is certainly in favor of legalization in California, some prominent figures have urged organizers to wait until 2016, when demographics and voter turnout will be even more in their favor.

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Delaware also doesn't have citizen ballot initiatives, so any such effort will need to come from state lawmakers.

Lawmakers in Hawaii considered bills to both decriminalize and legalize marijuana last year -- and killed both before allowing them to reach a full vote.

If at least 30,169 of those signatures are deemed valid, the state will vote on legalization in the primary election on Aug.

19, the earliest possible date of any of these states.

For opponents who believe marijuana is damaging to the mind and body, these stats appear to be of less importance.

And while supporters of marijuana continually cite the comparative effects of weed and alcohol, or counter anti-pot studies with emerging research that has supported the drug's therapeutic qualities, one thing remains certain: Scientific research into the effects of marijuana will continue to remain discouraged until the federal ban on the substance is lifted or relaxed.Multiple polls taken last year found a majority of Californians in favor of legalizing pot, with one longstanding poll showing such support for the first time in 45 years of surveying the issue.Delaware only recently took steps to begin implementing a system for medical marijuana, but activists with MPP believe the state Legislature could push forward on a broader legalization bill.Similar bills are expected in the current legislative session, though they haven't been introduced yet.The president of Maryland's state Senate has said he supports marijuana legalization, though Gov.While hopes for a successful push on legal weed in 2014 may be dwindling, pro-pot organizers have expressed optimism that they'll have a strong campaign for the state ready ahead of 2016.

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