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χ Certain characteristics define parents who support a mandatory HPV vaccination program.Greater education of parents and health care providers should improve vaccination uptake, which ultimately reduces morbidity and mortality from HPV related diseases.Parents were asked to participate in a study about their opinions of the HPV vaccine and mandatory vaccination programs.

Personal history of HPV-related problems included 13% with a previous HPV infection, 5% with condyloma, and 37% had a previous abnormal Papanicolaou test result.

Associations between demographic variables and agreement with adding the HPV vaccine to school entry requirements are seen in Table 1.

A convenience sample of eligible parents was recruited from waiting rooms in family medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, and pediatric clinics at the Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, and from Women's Health Associates, Atlanta, Georgia.

Patients were also recruited from community sites, including Riverview Park, North Augusta, South Carolina; Suwanee Academy of the Arts, Suwanee, Georgia; and hair and nail salons in Augusta and Atlanta.

School-mandated vaccination programs have increased coverage for other vaccines.

In addition, critical appraisal of parental acceptance of a mandatory HPV vaccination program would be beneficial before promoting required HPV vaccination for children.We excluded parents who were unable to read English.This study was approved by the Human Assurance Committee at the Medical College of Georgia.(answer options for question 2 were “I would sign a waiver to prevent my child from receiving the vaccine”; “I would have my child vaccinated”; or “I would do whatever my doctor recommends.” Questions were structured as yes/no and multiple choice.Some pertinent questions from previously developed questionnaires were included.Specifically, these questions were (1) Do you think the HPV vaccine should be added to the list of school entry vaccine requirements?


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