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You need tools that work efficiently and that get it right the first time, every time, so you can get back to the real work that makes your business tick. In this list of the 60 best productivity apps, you'll find plenty of suggestions for word-processing programs, spreadsheet apps, and presentation tools as well.The best ones are now collaborative, letting multiple people work on the same document simultaneously.If there's a task to be done, whether it's personal or for your job, there's a productivity app that will help you do it faster, cheaper, and more efficiently.

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Invoicing and billing solutions—and really all kinds of online business accounting apps—do wonders for productivity, especially for very small business owners and sole proprietors.

When you're a one-woman shop and time is at a premium, you can't afford to waste it messing around with accounting.

To me, the meaning of productivity is highly personal, but ultimately, it's about achieving goals.

It's about making the most of your time so that you have time and energy left over to do more. In the traditional sense, the phrase "increasing productivity" means making more money, making more goods, or both.

Quite a few are also free and include a good chunk of storage so you have a place to keep your documents while you work on them.

Problems and Solutions At the heart of every great productivity app is a solution to a specific problem.And while we're on the subject of getting lots of things done at once, forget everything you think you know about the perils of multitasking. Well, making use of natural downtime, like being productive while in a waiting room or while stuck on a train, are perfect examples of multitasking efficiently.A growing body of research shows that multitasking makes you more productive, not less, as most people believe. Multitasking is a rather complicated topic, but the point is that it's not all bad, and mobile productivity apps help you multitask in the right way.Productivity Apps for Businesses Of course, there are plenty of productivity apps that fit better for business cases than home and personal life.Project management services, for example, help teams keep track of work and assets so there's less need to continually have meetings and make sure everyone is on the same page.But being more productive now has a much broader meaning.


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