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Nor does he believe that hiring the dating equivalent of a personal shopper turns women into a commodity.

Last week he officially launched a new endeavor, Mervyn Bunter. Sayers novel, it’s a self-described “online-dating concierge.” Here’s how it works, according to : first, one of Mervyn Bunter’s six female employees helps build your online dating profile.

To make sure your profile photo isn’t some sad selfie, Mervyn Bunter might throw a cocktail party for you so you can be professionally photographed among friends (and other MB clients).

“Having that third party just elevates the thing and elevates how they feel about me,” he said.

“They’ll think I’m something very special, and they all want to talk to me.” That initial curiosity about the service makes for a good ice-breaker on the first date, and it has given David an ego boost.

(Yes, the stories sound similar, but David insists they’re true.) David describes MB as “dating steroids.” He says the women who’ve agreed to go out with him are considerably more attractive than those he’s dated in the past.

Far from being put off that he’s outsourcing online seduction to professionals, they’re intrigued by the service.“If they say they’re both Picasso lovers, we set up a Picasso date at the Met,” said.One of the dates MB set up for David involved horseback riding in Prospect Park.“I always felt very uncomfortable going to a bar and approaching someone I didn’t know,” he said, “But once I feel like a girl is interested in me I have all the confidence in the world.” Exotic locations don’t hurt, either.Mervyn Bunter sets up dates that involve fun activities like rock-climbing, depending on the interests of clients and their potential matches.When I first heard about MB, it seemed like the sort of thing that would creep women out (to be fair, the service is available to anyone, and insists it has had the opposite effect on them: “They’re actually so much more willing to go on a date, and the reason is our clients are vetted by Mervyn Bunter.” Indeed the service’s clients submit to a “simple background check” (“everyone’s going to pass it,” admits, “but it’s that next level of safety”) and a preliminary interview to insure that they’re “somebody that is attractive, and not just in terms of looks – somebody that’s also attractive in terms of personality.” MB concierges spend about 10 hours a week messaging online daters for each client, according to They presumably describe the service in the same way its founder does (a “classy directory” of “positive, accomplished New Yorkers”) and it supposedly takes just two or three emails to secure a date.

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