Sex dating search engine - Php script validating forms

I chose second option so make separated script file (js/script.js) for our main_file.

php script validating forms-7

You may also enhance your already existing forms with adding some fancy effects that are presented in this tutorial. Info: If you’d like to modify your existing forms, skip the HTML and CSS sections of this tutorial and go ahead to step number five.

Otherwise, if you’re planning to create a new form, start reading since the beginning.

Tip: You always can increase maximum size of your text fields (it you need).

Let’s prepare a new folder ‘templates’, where we will put all our html templates.

Let’s start with some brief explanation of what are we going to do.

I’m sure that you have already seen a lots of different forms and you already noted that filling in some of them was much more convinient than filling in other ones.

Also you should now add class parameter to each text field and elements that should have some style.

To do it place class=”class_name_here” to input tags where class_name_here is name of class defined between style tags (see example if you are new to adding classes to elements).

Here is the code: Now we have our HTML form but it does not look attractively yet.

As you may have guessed it is time to add some CSS and make our form look a little better.

By and large, good ones were enhanced with additional scripts.


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