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On paper the plan is seductive: As reported in Education section, Dr.Johnson, a so-called noted psychologist with a long history of working with young black children in the Philadelphia public school system, is looking to raise five million dollars through the black community to purchase St.And it’s a significant crime—money laundering can undermine the integrity and stability of financial institutions and systems, discourage foreign investment, and distort international capital flows.

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These crimes are characterized by deceit, concealment, or violation of trust and are not dependent on the application or threat of physical force or violence.

The motivation behind these crimes is financial—to obtain or avoid losing money, property, or services or to secure a personal or business advantage. A single scam can destroy a company, devastate families by wiping out their life savings, or cost investors billions of dollars (or even all three).

Layering separates the criminal’s proceeds from their original source and creates a complex audit trail through a series of financial transactions.

And integration occurs when the criminal’s proceeds are returned to the criminal from what appear to be legitimate sources.

And while it is unclear how much of that he has already raised, Diverse Education quotes Dr.

Johnson as saying, “donations have steadily been pouring in through an online fundraising drive,” donations that are currently being accepted through his website.

And its curriculum will focus on preparing “students for self-employment and entrepreneurship, not merely acceptance into college.”The education website Diverse Education delves further into Dr.

Johnson’s story, adding that the “self-professed Black nationalist” and controversial speaker has been given a deadline of August 21 to raise the capital for the purchase of the campus, which has 35 buildings.

Today’s fraud schemes are more sophisticated than ever, and the FBI is dedicated to using its skills to track down the culprits and stop scams before they start.

The FBI’s white-collar crime work integrates the analysis of intelligence with its investigations of criminal activities such as public corruption, money laundering, corporate fraud, securities and commodities fraud, mortgage fraud, financial institution fraud, bank fraud and embezzlement, fraud against the government, election law violations, mass marketing fraud, and health care fraud.

Paul University, the now defunct HBCU in Lawrence, Virginia.


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