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The presentations are wide open to the public, and Park will give plenty of advice about how to make yourself more attractive. (Some tips: Wear red, hang out with attractive people, don’t be the one roving – be the one sitting – during speed dating).

Duncan will discuss the future intersection of tech and sex and display odes to the sexiest robots ever like Barbarella and a slew of hotties from the new Battlestar Gallactica.

We’ve compiled 40 up-to-date Facebook Facts and Stats to give you the scoop on the current state of Facebook, what its users are doing, and the impact it's is having on the wider community. Facebook has over 1.393 billion monthly active users. The country with the most active Facebook users is Canada 3 . Key Takeaway: Facebook's audience is both massive and loyal. There are 17 billion location-tagged Facebook posts today. The total number of uploaded Facebook photos is 250 billion. On average 350 million photos are uploaded daily to Facebook. 243,055 new photos are uploaded to Facebook every minute. There are 127 photos uploaded on average per Facebook user. There are 1,500 average number of posts that are eligible to appear in a Facebook user’s feed each day. On average, there are 4.75 billion items shared by Facebook users each day. If you haven't done so already, take the time to brush up on your Facebook Ad knowledge by taking Wishpond's free course. 66% percent of teenage girls claim to have been bullied on Facebook. Users see a 225% increase in average volume of Facebook post interactions on the day a user changes their relationship status. 28% Percent of newlyweds change their Facebook status within hours of getting married. There are 100,000 new friend requests made on Facebook every minute. High school friends are the most common type of Facebook friend to get unfriended. Inappropriate or polarizing posts is the most common reason for unfriending someone on Facebook? 19.4% percent of Americans cannot access Facebook in the workplace. 29.29% percent of Americans use Facebook during the work day. 30% of all US senior citizens currently use Facebook. 87% percentage of the Class of 2014 (high school) say that they “still” use Facebook. The reported global economic impact of Facebook in 2014 was 7 billion. With things happening so fast in the digital space, it's important to stay current on changes occurring on Facebook and other Social Networks.

Here’s to hoping the daters get more action than just rubbing their palms together and downing a pill.

Greg Spielberg | November 11 2011 [email protected] palms with Nerd Nite in Austin, Boston, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York, San Fran.

Before I did anything, I joined a forum called Stack That Money.

It’s a forum my friends in question used to be a part of and I thought that if I could speed up my learning, I would also be able to speed up the results I get and it would make for a better case study.

Will guys be smoother than an i Phone app or get the 404 as they rove from chair to chair sweet-talking the ladies.

The speed dating starts at 7 pm, runs for a little more than an hour and is followed by sexy presentations at pm by sapiosexual scholars Lillian Park and Laura Duncan.

They’re putting on a whole weekend filled right to the brim with ways to inject more gin into your life.

And with three events to choose from, you can do it all your way.

IF YOU’RE PLANNING a speed dating night these days, you really have to come up with an original hook to get people in the door.

And DCU’s Science and Health Soc have stumbled upon the dating idea of 2016 this week: We haven’t yet decided on whether the guests will be greeted with spicebags to get everyone in the mood – because come on who isn’t happy after they’ve eaten a spice bag?

I’ve always thought that it is better to master one main traffic source versus becoming only fairly proficient in a lot of them and for now I think I have a pretty perfect grasp on the old SEO game.


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