Prospects for elucidating the phylogeny of the apicomplexa

The program Genome Annotation Generator (GAG) v1.0 [], and the SCOs with a minimum gap-free alignment length of 20 amino acids and with at least one phylogenetically informative site were selected.The final subset of SCOs common to all 16 species were then concatenated and subjected to phylogenetic analyses using the methods Bayesian inference (BI) in Mr Bayes v.3.2.2 [ was established using a custom script.

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He has a particular interest in applications of molecular biology towards elucidating the unique properties of parasites of medical and veterinary importance.

Babesiosis is a socioeconomically important tick-borne disease of animals (including humans) caused by haemoprotozoan parasites.

It would also be interesting to characterize stage-specific transcripts as well as nc RNAs to establish their contributions to a parasitic mode of existence. In our opinion, a focus on molecular aspects of virulence, pathogenesis of disease, immune evasion or suppression as well as gene function would be particularly interesting, and could guide the discovery of new intervention strategies. Having such a platform in place would enable systems biological investigations using complementary genomic, transcriptomic and proteomic tools. Other support from the State Key Laboratory of Veterinary Etiological Biology Project, China (SKLVEB2008ZZKT019; H.

It might also underpin applied research focused on developing new interventions, such as anti- This project was partially funded by the the Piro Vac (KBBE-3-245145; H. Y), the Australian Academy of Science, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and Melbourne Water Corporation is gratefully acknowledged.

The version of the genome described in this paper is MBFZ01000000.

GG, JL, YL, ZL and HY prepared merozoites and nucleic acids for sequencing and arranged Illumina sequencing. PKK undertook all bioinformatics analyses, with support from NDY, RBG and PKK wrote the manuscript with inputs from NDY, GG and comments from the other authors (AVK and TW). All authors read and approved the final version of the manuscript.He has a strong research profile in parasitology, gained from his experience in several research laboratories.He was awarded a Fogarty International Fellowship to pursue his career at the NIH in the USA.The severity of disease usually relates to host and parasite factors, but often the virulence/pathogenicity is of considerable importance.For example, ]; this alteration can be accompanied by an accumulation of affected erythrocytes in the capillaries of organs, including the brain and lungs, leading to severe cerebral disease, respiratory insufficiency and/or multi-organ failure.Jan specialises in the molecular identification and the evolution of protozoan parasites.

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