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In addition, this sets up mfs BSD to load as an ISO image over the network, found in the tools menu.

pxesetup log not updating-43

For the purposes of this documentation, I'm going to assume that you've loaded Fedora Core 4 on this box (do that now, if you've not already).

Get this box onto the network with DHCP (just like a normal installation).

Run the script with no arguments to see up to date usage instructions.

Basically, you should be able to run: and it will download the appropriate boot files for each supported operating system.

The permutations allow a broader IP subnet to be searched first for matches.

The last entry is the MAC address of your PXE boot client's NIC (with dashes substituted for the colons), with '01' pre-pended.

If you are planning to allow more than one version/distribution to be PXE boot installable, then you should rename both files so that its clear that they are for whatever version/distribution they came from (such as vmlinuz-RHEL4, initrd-RHEL4).

Next, you need the actual pxe boot linux kernel (what is actually run immediately after your PXE boot client box gets a DHCP lease).

Then restart xinetd and the tftp server should be running. First, edit the mirrors text file to ensure that you are using a mirror for each operating system that is close to you.

Also, you may comment out any operating system that you do not want to support.

These are the kernel & that the RH/FC bootable CDs use to get the installer (anaconda) booted for performing the installation.


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