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“If you are not in an official relationship, but see something that reminds you of the person, it is a lovely gesture to give it to him or her,” says Jodi RR Smith, etiquette consultant and president of Mannersmith Etiquette Consulting.

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I'm thinking about giving is a wrapped up bottle of Crush Cream Soda.

"a Crush for my crush" Its mostly just a gesture of 'thinking of you.'By all means give your gift to your friend, and not AFTER he gives one to you..

“A gift would be nice, but definitely not necessary if you’re not in a defined relationship,” says Dr. “You’re not obligated to see each other, get together, go out or even hook up on that day.

It’s not a ‘relationship,’ so it’s likely not exclusive.” If you want to keep things strictly casual with your hook-up, consider doing something else on Valentine’s Day, whether it’s a chick-flick marathon with your girls or pampering yourself with a pedicure.

But it's going well....we've seen each other about three times in each of those weeks and it really seems like a strong start.

So my issue is trying to figure out what is appropriate for Valentine's Day.If you’re casually seeing someone, Valentine’s Day can get awkward.Here’s HC’s guide for how to handle your casual hook-up on February or the other or a combination of all least 2 Why would you need to give him anything.Act too possessive and he will make tracks away from you.Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love and friendship, but it’s more commonly known as the Hallmark holiday to get romantic with your SO or drink wine with your best friends.


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