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It means you can’t hook-up with anyone else at work unless you get a new job first, or they do. If THEY break rule number one, you have to be okay with it.

It can’t be anyone who might intentionally cause drama. And obviously someone who’s single and not MARRIED is best. It can’t be your boss, or someone who works directly under you.

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At least one-third of all American workers have either had a romantic relationship at work or know someone who has.

More than seven out of 10 professionals say they're open to dating at work under the right circumstances.

That said, deciding whether or not to date the hunk 10 cubes down and two rows over from you is extremely personal.

And while there are no right answers, there may be a company policy.

Sure meeting are fun, you are having the time of your life, you are connecting and bonding, but have you ever perceived the future, or where it is and will headed towards?

You spend your maximum hours of a day at work, trying to impress that one person within your professional boundaries, taking him/her out for a lunch or an intimate dinner, or just hanging out with the only person in order to foresee a relationship. But it’s time to be professionally responsible and act likes a mature person.

Inevitably your boss will find out anyway, and you want her to be confident that you'll behave in a professional, ethical, and responsible manner.

She can even be an ally to help you create personal and professional boundaries.4. Blatant and indiscreet PDA is difficult to stomach whether you’re walking down the street, at a bar, or attending a ball game, and it certainly doesn't belong at work.

Dating a co-worker can lead to long-lasting love but only if you proceed wisely and with care.

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