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is a fictional character from the Australian soap opera Neighbours, played by Alan Fletcher.The actor previously appeared in the soap in 1987 as mechanic Greg Cooper.

Karl clashes with new neighbour, Joe Scully (Shane Connor), over the boundaries of their households.

Libby gets engaged to Drew Kirk (Dan Paris) and Karl gives her away at the wedding.

Karl and his family were created by Neighbours storyliners in an attempt to bring the show back to its roots.

Karl was given the job of local GP to give him immediate links with other characters. He commented "I am planning to hang around for quite a while longer because I do love it too much, we're talking at the moment about a continuation." Fletcher says he and Woodburne find the scenes "funny".

They later call a truce and when Cheryl is knocked down by a lorry, Karl tries to help her. Karl later realises that Cheryl may have been allergic to the drugs he gave her and thinking he caused Cheryl's death, Karl stops practising medicine.

However, when Karl saves Malcolm's life by performing a tracheotomy on him, he decides to resume practising medicine and takes over the lease on the surgery at the Lassiter's Complex.

Susan rejects Karl as she cannot remember him and decides to divorce him. Soon after, Susan falls in love with Karl again and they decide to remarry.

Susan regains her memory halfway through their vows.

Fletcher successfully auditioned for the role of Karl in the same way he had auditioned for the part of Greg.

He made his first screen appearance as Karl during the episode broadcast on 20 September 1994.

Karl become attracted to his receptionist, Sarah Beaumont (Nicola Charles).


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