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Since I started taking Kratom tea, I have been up and about taking care of my own family and and I also can take care of my 92 year old father in law who is a disabled vet, and my own mother who has severe osteoarthritis. I also try to do yoga and stretch to keep myself healthy. I am a 50 yr old Insurance Professional, licensed in 32 states. Kratom continues to maintain my daily pain due to carpal tunnel syndrome (bilateral), osteoarthritis and neuropathy. My pain almost cost me my job, my marriage and my sanity. NY I am a 53 year old Minister who is lobbying to end the war on herbs.

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I searched Google for herbal pain relief & found Kratom. It has helped me wean off Oxycodone without addictive qualities. I do not want to have to rely on prescription pain killers their side effects. I am 49 years old, I am a dad of four, married, a teacher and an ordained pastor with a Masters of Divinity from Denver Seminary. I had a bad accident that damaged both my skull/brain, spine and my pelvis about 15 years ago--I fell on the ice outside my home.

I graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University Northern Colorado in 1989, and with Honors from Denver Seminary in 2001. As a result of the TBI and spinal cord injury, plus the pelvic damage, I was in terrible pain and prescribed opioids which gave me horrible side effects.

That's utter garbage and is a huge reason that my husband and I don't feel like we can trust our own government.

I believe this is about money, not about keeping people safe.

Now I just fall into an even deeper depression over the little choices I have also being taken away.

Before I found Kratom I had attempted suicide four times… Thank you for hearing my story I'm a 29 year old wife, daughter, sister and artist. A.'s and a Master of Science in urban planning and studies.Does having a family, a spouse who loves me and a home mean a thing if you can’t enjoy it? My husband had to work and take care of our then 4 year old son .It seems I could do nothing without pain and anxiety and of course the depression that comes with the pain and anxiety! I am afraid that I will be back to the crippled, miserable, shell of a person I was two yrs ago.I'm a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer from South Africa (2011-12) and I've been taking Kratom for about 2 years.Before I took Kratom I was prescribed medication for depression and anxiety by a doctor.Also as an added benefit I get a little extra energy. My wife became disabled with Fibromialgia and Arthritis and when I found out that marijuana was a recommended medication in states where it is legal, and people were having good results, I began lobbying.


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