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Of course, you may also just want to find someone with a uniform as sexy as your own!With the majority of officers being male, much of the dialogue and resources available to police couples revolves around male/female relationships. If you want a military life with a uniform single, join this community to meet a military man.

According to the Washington Post, she texted him later that night saying she had a good time and that she wanted to meet up again at his house the next night.

The next night, Bustos showed up with three men, two of whom were career criminals, and robbed the 27-year-old at gunpoint as soon as he opened the door.

If you go onto Wikipedia (the all-knowing oracle of modern times, or is that Google? This does not refer to people wanting to date a policeman, but it shows how many people have been influenced by the show – many more people now want to study forensic science and many more people also demand that when there is a criminal investigation, the police use forensic science methods.

It is, however, reported that 40% of the methods shown on CSI aren’t really how they would be used in the real world; aren’t possible yet (still being developed); or simply don’t exist at all, meaning people watching the show have unrealistic hopes for what forensic science can do.

So yes, people may have some crazy perceptions about your job if you are a UK policeman, or woman, but on the other hand, wearing that uniform might very well lead to you getting your next date as easy as 1, 2, 3, as media has earned you a date without you having to do anything. It may be interesting though to ask future dates how they see your profession and if it bears any resemblance to the truth. Luckily there are police dating sites (who are good enough that you don’t need to call the dating police because of them. is a professional dating site for people in the service industries, such as doctors, nurses, firefighters, pilots, and police officers who want to find likeminded individuals for a date.

Sometimes it helps dating single people who deal with similar situations – who may have irregular working hours, travel a lot, work in dangerous situations and deal with a lot of people under stressful circumstances.

Fortunately, with understanding by both partners, relationships can be healthy and gratifying regardless of occupation. "One, she is a short-haired, very manly, gruff-voiced woman who is just stomping around telling everyone what to do.

Very masculine." Like all occupations, female officers run the gamut as far as personal attributes. Another part to this stereotype is the misperception a feminine, petite woman who can not do the job.

Single father Adam Hilarie had just been on a great first date with a girl he'd met online, so he had no reason to think anything was out of the ordinary when she asked to come to his place the next night.


  1. Nothing is hotter after a long day at work than getting together with a sexy chick for some naughty fun!

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